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Perpignan is one of the sunniest places in France. Especially during Winter.
The summer season in Perpignan is delightfully warm, with average temperatures in the low 30’s (°C) in July and August. Perpignan experiences temperatures above 12°C, even during winter. Perpignan Weather click here.
Be sure to view our Perpignan Maps Page where you will find a number of recommended places to visit around Perpignan in the Languedoc Roussillon. Each destination is within easy reach of Perpignan. For a great view of what Perpignan has to offer take a look at our Panorama images taken in and around Perpignan.

Perpignan (Catalan Perpinya; alt. 24 m/80ft; pop. 105,096), the old capital of Roussillon, from 1278 to 1344 capital of the kingdom of Majorca (which included the Balearics, Roussillon, Cerdagne and the coastal region extending east to Montpellier) and now the chief town of the departement of Pyrenees- Orientales.

Near the Spanish frontier at the foot of the Pyrenees, at the junction of the rivers Tet and Basse, some 10km / 6miles from the Mediterranean. Perpignan is undoubtedly one of the most important centres of Catalan culture, Roman and Mediterranean, rich in language, traditions and artistic expressions.

La SANCH Perpignan
Friday, April 3, 2015 - from 15:00 to 18:00
Parade of penitents and religious songs.
Attributed the origins of the good Friday procession, called procession of the Sanch to Saint Vincent Ferrier, born in Valencia in Spain, in 1416, following his time in Perpignan, is founded in the Church of St James
Departure from the Church of St James, back to the garden of the Miranda.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 14:30
Discovery tour.
Discover the historic center of Perpignan by visiting the Castillet , Place de la Loge and St. John's Cathedral at Casa Xanxo.

An essential introduction to the rich heritage of Perpignan.
Visit the Tourist Office (Palais des Congrès) at 14:30.
A minimum of 5 people is necessary for this tour.

perpignan tour

Perpignan France
the capital of the Pyrenees-Orientales the southern most department of the Languedoc Roussillon. Perpignan is located near the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France and is only about 30kms from the Spain.

Perpignan retains a distinct Spanish flavour as it was once the capital of the kingdom of Majorca and later Catalonias second-largest city after Barcelona. Perpignan’s height was in the 13th and 14th centuries, when the kings of Majorca held their court here. Perpignan France it is a fascinating city to explore.

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You will find plenty to do while in Perpignan while staying in affordable clean, central
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Theatre of the archipelago offers a varied cultural program: many concerts and dance performances and plays.

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Perpignan’s friendly locals provide a warm welcome to one of the most fascinating areas of Europe, blessed with a wonderful climate, rich wildlife, a spectacular coast, beautiful scenery and astonishing history.

There are many things to see, including mountains, rivers and lakes, ancient cities, towns, villages, thermal springs, abbeys, and cathedrals and castles, notably the famous mountain fortresses popularly known as Cathar Castles.

Visit the historic heart of Perpignan! Board the train the visiting the historic center of Perpignan and it's monuments. Commentary in your language, about 40 minutes through the streets of the city.
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The Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist of Perpignan

Built around 1324 in the style of a three-nave church. In1433 the structure was transformed to a single nave, St. John the Baptist Cathedral, consecrated only in 1509, was erected into a cathedral in 1601.

Surprising for its size, it is characteristic of Southern Gothic architecture. A particular architectural style in Catalonia in the fourteenth and fifteenth century.

The Church has inherited the Catalan Gothic style, due to its companionship with the Kingdom of Majorca. It has a wide nave (80 meters in length, 18 m wide, and 26 m tall) made of seven cross-vaults, and gimmicks a short transept and apse. The vault offers seven keys.

The western veneer was never completed. While being restored in the nineteenth C and twentieth C , the Gothic window of the veneer was reconstructed, as it had long ago been substituted by a straightforward rectangular opening. The veneer likewise offers a porch and clock-tower, which date from the eighteenth century

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